I am going on a Trip : Travel Games to Play in the Car

I am going on a trip is a memory based travel game for kids. Your kids will be engaged and enjoy the getting there portion of your family vacation

How to play I am Going on a Trip – a fun kid friendly travel game In its simplest form, “I am going on a trip” is a memory game. It can be played in several different forms…… Random item Memory version Each person in the group selects on item randomly.  The first person states…

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Travel Games – Fun and Educational Games to Play in the Car

Add plenty of travel games to your vacation planning packing list. Keep th ekids engaged and occupied while traveling to make getting there more fun

All great kid vacations start with some sort of travel… … so if you are a planning parent, you will have plenty travel games or games to play in the car planned for the travel time. What are the best activities for kids? Travel Word Games Family Vacations are a time for family togetherness.  Laughing…

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