Family Cruise Vacations – A Unique Twist On The Family Vacation

Family Cruise Vacation - a unique type of vacation. You are on the ship, the kids can move about and enjoy their activities

Family Cruise Vacations can make the absolute best family vacations …kid friendly, and guess what? You are on the boat, the kids are not going anywhere… you can let them have a little freedom! Our family has had the opportunity to cruise together several times, and it did not cost an arm and a leg. …

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Sailing Terms : Cruising with Children – Know the Language

Sailing terms for the nautical cruiser.... cruising with children is just more fun when they know the nautical terms used by the crew.

For cruising with children, you might want to brush up on the sailing terms used aboard the ship – How much more fun will your cruise be when you are throwing out the lingo! Not only fun, it just makes you feel a little better when you know what everyone is talking about aboard the…

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Cruising with Children – Our Top 6 Tips For Fun On The Sea

Cruising with children - our top 6 tips for choosing a cruise destination to choosing the size of the ship and kids programs on board

Cruising with children can be both fun and exciting … but many parents are afraid that stress and exhaustion will take over, and the trip won’t be a great family vacation for everyone…. what if the kids get bored or bother the other passengers with tantrums…. also, what about the food – can kids find…

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First Time Cruise Tips – 5 Things You Should Know

First time cruise tips - 5 things every first time cruiser should know including choosing your cruise line and what to pack!

Congratulations!!!!   You’ve decided to book that cruise you have been talking about for so long!   Before you head for the cruise port and on to the sea,  you might want the inside scoop on some of the ins and outs of cruising, our first time cruise tips. First Time Cruise Tips – The…

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