Washington DC Children’s Travel Journal

children's travel journal

Printable Pages to Make A Journal : Washington DC Using this Washington DC Children’s Travel Journal,  you will have everything you need to make a travel journal of your trip. Filled with cool pages to print out and put together this will make a travel journal that will be a keepsake as your children grow…

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Mount Vernon – George Washington’s House

Mount Vernon deserves a top vacation spot when visiting Washington DC - see what to expect when touring there

Ask any person to name five United States presidents and you’ll definitely hear the name George Washington.  George Washington’s plantation home, Mt Vernon is preserved for history.  His home is located near the banks of the Potomac River. Visiting Mount Vernon with your family is a great way to learn about the first President of the United States.…

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Lincoln Memorial Washington DC – A Majestic Portrayal

The Lincoln Memorial Washington DC is a majestic portrayal and memorial to the 16th President of the United States - Abraham Lincoln

The Lincoln Memorial Washington DC is a magnificent monument.  I cannot explain the look of awe on the faces of my children when they first saw this monument.  The size alone is intimidating. I think that we just stood there gawking at the monument for a long time. My son actually said, was President Lincoln…

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Washington Monument – Some History and Some Facts

The History of the Washington Monument in Washington DC and some fun facts about it the monument at teh heart of the National Mall

The Washington Monument was built in honor of the first president of the United States of America, George Washington. The tour is free, but does require a ticket.  Be sure to go early in the morning to pick up the free tickets… then return for your tour time. History of the Washington Monument The monument was…

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Washington DC Monuments – A Stroll Along the National Mall

Visiting the Washington DC Monuments includes a visit to the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial

One of the first things that I think of when I think of Washington is the Washington DC Monuments.  They are a part of our history, our heritage…. no trip to Washington is complete without visiting these historic sites. There is nothing like the view from the Lincoln Memorial, past the Reflecting Pool to the…

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