Amusement Parks and Theme Parks

Our family LOVES Amusement Parks and Theme Parks, and considers them to be a part of some really great family vacations.

Amusement Parks have something for just about everyone. You’ll find rides to shows, to characters to meet and greet, to great local food. You just name it, and you can probably find it at a Park.

Amusement Parks and Theme Parks are an exciting way for the entire family to join in on a kid friendly vacation

Amusement Parks and Theme Parks are an exciting way for the entire family to join in on a kid friendly vacation

Our family vacations have included a variety of parks over the years. Our visits have included visits to many amusement parks in the eastern United States, and one or two in California.

On most of our family vacations that include park visits, we will usually try to visit only one or two parks during a week-long stay.  That keeps the kids happy, and not totally exhausted…. keeps the parents a little more sane also… if that is possible on family vacations.

Amusement Parks – Disney World

We have visited all four of the Walt Disney World Parks in Florida.  Disney World is one of our all time favorite family vacation stops.  Our favorite of the four parks is The Disney Hollywood Studios.

amusement parks theme parks epcot



Just South of Charlotte, North Carolina, Carowinds has some of the best roller coasters in the Southern United States. There is an attached water park – Boomerang Bay – that is included with your park admission!


amusement parks theme parks carowinds


Tennessee Amusement Parks – Dollywood

Located in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, Dollywood is a great Amusement Park.  We have visited Dollywood many times, and have many favorite rides and attractions to share with you.

amusement parks theme parks dollywood


Cedar Fair Great America


Great America is located in Santa Clara California.  Great America is one of the cleanest and best maintained amusement parks that we have ever visited. There is an attached water park,  Boomerang Bay that you can enjoy as a part of your park admission!

Great America is one of the Cedar Fair parks, so you can rest assured that the roller coasters are some of the best around.

amusement parks theme paks great america

Kings Island

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio…. also a Cedar Fair Theme park – Kings Island has some great roller coasters….. and the Nickelodeon park for the children.  Kings Island has an attached water park that you can visit as a part of  your park admission!


Amusement Parks – Universal Studios Orlando

Universal Studios Orlando consists of two separate theme parks, three on-site hotels, and the City Walk area  in Orlando Florida…. You can visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter while in Universal Islands of Adventure.  It is a theme park in itself.

amusement parks theme parks universal studios


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