M&Ms World : New York City Travel With Kids

If you are looking for a tourist attraction in New York City that’s full of fun, excitement and sensory overload, then look no father. M&Ms World New York City is such a fun place to visit!

mm world new york city

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Brimming with one-of-a-kind signature M & M’s merchandise and candy of every imaginable size, shape, flavor and color, this massive three-story glass cube is a 25,000 square-foot sweet tooth haven. It even houses the world’s biggest ‘wall of chocolate’.  A gigantic 50-foot wide and 2-story upright structure made of 72 contiguous tubes filled with M & M’s treats. There is definitely more than meets the eye from the view outside though.

Quirky Souvenirs

Kids from around the world and candy fanatics of all ages flock towards this unique retail concept store.  They admire and purchase signature novelty items and customizable delicious M&M’s chocolate candies that are not available at regular stores. The store offers quirky M & M’s-monogrammed apparel such as funky clothes and shoes, kooky dining and kitchen ware.  There is also fun accessories like watches, bags and necklaces, and knickknacks like coin banks, alarm clocks and candy dispensers.

A Fun Tourist Attraction

With a vast and eclectic array of themed thingamajigs and a wide array of M & M’s candies, there’s something for everyone. Whether exploring the interactive children’s area or gawking at the breathtaking full-size NASCAR Ford Fusion racecar, visitors of the M & M’s World New York go home with an unforgettable and unusual New York City tourist experience.

So, Where is it?

M&Ms World New York City is located at 48th and Broadway at the borough of Manhattan. Times Square, known for the world’s major commercial buildings and teeming with advertisement and news and stock exchange zipper ‘crawls’ is home to M&M’s World.

Can I get away without buying anything?

Over 100 friendly and spirited employees staff the retail and entertainment-themed store.  Patrons of M & M’s are blown away by the many ways that their favorite chocolate candy can be personalized.  In fact, kids go crazy at the M & M’s bar that allows them to pour M & M’s candy in their own little bags to their heart’s content…. ummmm.

Adults, for their part, tend to find themselves dumbfounded and mesmerized by the many colors M & M’s candies come in. For this reason, most people step out of the building with bags of souvenir items and candies by the pound. They say M & M’s candies melt in the mouth and not in the hand, but with much love the M & M’s store in New York can certainly melt anyone’s heart.

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