NYC Subway – Some History and Fun Facts

The NYC Subway deserves a place on this site simply because it was surprisingly easy to take the children on the subway, and get to where we needed to go on our family vacations destinations. We used this system of travel with the same zeal that we used the Washington DC Metro. Both systems are well maintained and get you where you are going cost effectively and quickly.

The NYC Subway is one of the easiest ways to get around New York City and one of the most cost effective ways of getting from place to place.

The NYC Subway is one of the easiest ways to get around New York City and one of the most cost effective ways of getting from place to place.A lot of people might be a little apprehensive about incorporating the subway into your New York City family vacation, but don’t let it scare you. We had a fine experience with the subway system.

Just be aware that this is a very cost effective way to traverse the city… use it to help make your New York City Vacation a better kid friendly family vacation.


Some Cool Info About the NYC Subway

The New York City Subway will take you to the most interesting places in the city. Are you up for a trip to Coney Island? How about seeing some penguins, sea lions, and beluga whales? Then ride the subway and make a stop at West 8th Street. Want to see some dinosaurs? Take the D line and get off at 81st Street to visit the Museum of Natural History. If you want to see some live animals, get off at Eastern Parkway and head to the Prospect Park Zoo.

The New York City Subway is one of the easiest ways to get around the city, and it is the busiest Rapid Transit System in the United States (It is the 7th busiest in the world).

The subway system runs through Manhattan, as well as Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. So, you can literally get anywhere in the area on the subway system.

The subway system includes twenty-four trains, as well as several shuttles.

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NYC Subway Reviews

New York City Subway reviews…..

Our Tips

  • If you are going more than two places throughout the town, buy the daily pass ticket.  This ticket allows you unlimited rides and transfers all day long.
  • Get a copy of the NYC Subway map, and make sure that you know where you are going.  Make sure you know the subway stop you need.
  • Keep up with everyone, and make sure that the children know which stop you are getting off the train.

NYC Subway Fun Facts

  • Former US President Franklin Roosevelt rode in a secret train platform so people wouldn’t see him using a wheelchair. This secret station is located beneath the Waldorf-Astoria building.
  • Dispatchers avoid letting a train leave from Pelham Bay Park at 1:23 p.m. Yep, it’s because of the film The Taking of Pelham 123.
  • There’s another haven for art enthusiasts in the subway. Have you heard about the Underbelly Project? Probably not. This is because the exact location of this secret gathering of installation art, street art, and other art forms is only known to the artists themselves — along with those who were allowed to grace the secret gallery’s open night back in 2010.

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