Camping Tips and Ideas – Family Fun Outdoors

Family Camping Tips and Ideas - to get your kids outside and away from TV and video games. Kids will actually embrace the outdoor adventure

Our family has been family camping for the past few years. We started out tent camping, and then moved on to a small camper.  Our kids actually enjoy family time together outdoors.  We do not get any complaints about them being bored, and they are actually entertaining themselves without television or video games!!!  Our children…

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Things to do in Rome Italy – History and Fun in the Eternal City

Things to do in rome italy with kids or grandkids... there are too many to mention them all. See our favorite receommendations

There are a lot of things to do in Rome Italy. If your kids are old enough to appreciate history, architecture and old world charm they will love it.  Rome is a great city known for its preserved Roman Architecture and historic places. Let’s Visit the Eternal City.   Rome,  despite its sophistication is actually a kid-friendly…

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Things to do in Venice Italy – Fun in the City of Canals

Things to do in venice italy include exporloring, shopping, visiting meuseums, gondola rides, getting lost in the small squares... almost like a maze

sVenice Italy  – The city of canals is one of the most charming places that we have ever visited.  There is an almost limitless list of things to do in Venice Italy.  Especially visiting with kids! During the two-week European Vacation that I took with my two daughters, we spent two days in Venice Italy… This…

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Things to do in Paris with Kids – Attractions not to miss

Are you looking for Things to do in Paris France vacations with your kids? Here are some attractions to not miss when visiting Paris with kids.

Paris France Virtual Field Trip Week 1 Free Paris France Vacation coloring page: The Louvre coloring page Here are our top picks for things to do in Paris France with kids! Paris has so many world-famous attractions, you can easily get overwhelmed by it all!  So, here are some attractions in Paris that you and your…

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Chattanooga TN – Choo Choo Your Way to Kid Friendly Vacations

Chattanooga TN is a great place to visit - it has caverns and mountain top views - its a great kid friendly vacations addition

In Chattanooga, you will find history , fun family activities, and kid friendly fun for the whole family…. Our family has visited Chattanooga TN several times through the years.  Because it is only about 3 hours from our home, we can often make this a mini vacation.   Chattanooga TN is the 4th largest city in…

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Williamsburg Virginia – Things to do with Kids

Williamsburg Virginia is chock full of things to do with kids. From historical settlements to theme parks and water parks you will not be bored.

Are you looking for the perfect mix of education and excitement for your next family vacation? The perfect destination is closer than you think. Williamsburg Virginia has everything you could want from a family destination with the feel of a small town. In the Historic Triangle and vicinity (Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown)you will find: 3 major…

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Things to do in Chicago with Kids

Things to do in Chicago with kids - There are so many things to do in chicago with kids. Take in a baseball game, eat deep dish pizza, sight-see, and shop. Never be bored.

almosChicago is a full rich experience including shopping, children’s museums, planetariums, and cultural events… There are just so many things to do in Chicago with kids! We have included Chicago into our family vacations two times. The first time was during a spring break when our oldest daughter was in Kindergarten. The second time was…

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