Things to do in Venice Italy – Fun in the City of Canals

Things to do in venice italy include exporloring, shopping, visiting meuseums, gondola rides, getting lost in the small squares... almost like a maze

sVenice Italy  – The city of canals is one of the most charming places that we have ever visited.  There is an almost limitless list of things to do in Venice Italy.  Especially visiting with kids! During the two-week European Vacation that I took with my two daughters, we spent two days in Venice Italy… This…

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European Vacation – Steps To Plan The Best

European Vacation - follow our steps to planning a kid friendly trip to Europe. We decide where to go and what to see on this two week adventure

Let’s Plan a European Vacation!.. This is going to be an adventure… {This is a diary of my planning of a trip to Europe… hope you enjoy!} This European Vacation will be two weeks long.  The first 5 days or so will be spent in London, and then we will travel through Paris and then on to…

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