Virtual Field Trip – Virtual Tours From Home or Device

A Virtual Field Trip is a great way to visit a city or place without having to leave home.  As most people are staying home, we are offering fun and educational virtual tours – FREE – that you can enjoy right from your home!

virtual field trip

virtual field tripWe will visit different cities or special location on a regular basis.

What to Expect

  • Fun and educational blog posts – 4 total –  describing something about the city we are visiting for this field trip.  Each “lesson” will include lots of fun information and lots of photos!
  • 4 free coloring pages – one for each “lesson”.
  • Each field trip is chronicled here and in our email updates.  You will be notified of each new field trip first if you are a member of our email updates list… you can claim your free gift and join the list here.


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Up first – Savannah Georgia,  Charleston, SC,  San Francisco, London, and Paris!

Virtual Field Trip #1 – Savannah Georgia

savannah georgia virtual field trip For this Virtual Trip, we will visit Savannah Georgia!  Savannah is a beautiful, historic southern US city.

Join us on a four stop virtual tour through Savannah Georgia!




Virtual Field Trip #2 – Charleston South Carolina

charleston south carolina virtual field trip For this Virtual Tour, we visit Charleston South Carolina!  Charleston is just north of Savannah in the beautiful US state of South Carolina!

Join us on a four stop virtual tour through Charleston South Carolina!




Virtual Visit #3 – San Francisco

san francisco virtual field tripFor the third  virtual tour, we visit San Francisco!  San Francisco is in Northern California and is an amazing city to visit and to learn about!

Join us on our four week virtual visit to San Francisco!




Virtual Visit #4 – London England

london england virtual visitFor the fourth virtual trip, we visit London England!  London is the capitol of England!  It is the home of the Queen of England and a great deal of the history surrounding the monarchy as well as some great tourist stops!

Join us on our four week virtual visit to London!



Virtual Visit #5 – Paris France

paris france virtual field tripFor the fifth virtual trip, we visit Paris France!  Paris is an enchanting city – The City of Light!  Paris is the home of great iconic attractions like the Eiffel Tower as well as many museums!

Join us on our four week virtual visit to Paris!

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