National Mall Washington DC – A National Park Right Downtown

Visiting the Washington DC Monuments includes a visit to the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial

There are no shops or restaurants  in this mall. The National Mall is a really cool National Park in downtown Washington DC. The park runs for 1.9 miles, from the steps of the Capitol Building to the Lincoln Memorial. There are about 24 million visitors to the National Mall each year. The reflecting pool is actually…

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Washington DC Metro System – fun and safe family travel

Washington DC Metro System - The best way to get around Washington DC on your family vacation

The Washington DC Metro System, just like the New York City subway system deserves a page on this website simply because, in our opinion, this is the easiest and most budget-conscience way to get around Washington DC on your family vacations travel. We always try to stay in an outlying area close to a Metro…

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Fords Theater Washington DC – See The Box Where Lincoln Sat

Fords Theater Washington DC - history of the Ford Theater and photos of the box seat occupied by President Lincoln

Fords Theater offers a rich history, yet is an exciting family vacation stop … Fords Theater Washington DC is a live, working theater in downtown Washington DC.  It is also a memorial serving as a living tribute to President Lincoln’s love of the performing arts.  The theater has a rich history… as exemplified in The…

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Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington DC

Visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington DC with your family for an educational and moving view of a harsh part of our past.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Washington DC is among the most popular attractions in the City. The dictionary defines “holocaust” as a wholesale or mass destruction, especially of human life. Holocaust can be done by mass burning of people and animals. Others use the term as a religious sacrifice that is totally consumed by…

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National Cathedral Washington DC – The United States House of Prayer

The National Cathedral Washington DC is open to visitors daily. It is a Magnifigant piece of Architecture and the US National House of Prayer

Welcoming people of all faiths is one of the main goals of National Cathedral Washington DC. This monumental cathedral is located at 3101 Wisconsin Avenue in Northwest Washington, DC. It is located on the intersection of Wisconsin and Massachusetts avenues. This is a great architectural building to visit with family and friends. Bringing children at the…

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Arlington Cemetery Washington DC – a kid friendly walk through history

Arlington Cemetery Washington DC - Explore US Soldiers Final Resting place, see the changing of the Guard at thetomb of the unknown

The Arlington Cemetery Washington DC contains such an enormous amount of this nation’s history. This cemetery is the United State’s most treasured burial ground. The Arlington National Cemetery is home to more than 285,000 honored dead. Our Family visited the Cemetery as part of our Family vacations several times over the years.  On our first…

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The White House Washington DC

The White House Washington DC - a visit to the president's house

Visiting The President’s Home – The White House Washington DC The White House Washington DC is the home and workplace of the President of the United States of America. It is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It has been blown up several times and visited by creatures from outer space – in the movies, that…

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