I am going on a Trip : Travel Games to Play in the Car

I am going on a trip is a memory based travel game for kids. Your kids will be engaged and enjoy the getting there portion of your family vacation

How to play I am Going on a Trip – a fun kid friendly travel game In its simplest form, “I am going on a trip” is a memory game. It can be played in several different forms…… Random item Memory version Each person in the group selects on item randomly.  The first person states…

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Camping Checklist : Family Camping Tips and Ideas

Having a family camping checklist on hand can make getting ready for a quick trip so much easier. Keep this list handy and have a camping go-box ready.

What is a camping checklist and why is it important?…. Well, it is not absolutely necessary to have a checklist of things to have available for camping, but life sure will be a lot easier if you do not have to run out to the store while you are trying to set up camp.  The…

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Things to do in Rome Italy – History and Fun in the Eternal City

Things to do in rome italy with kids or grandkids... there are too many to mention them all. See our favorite receommendations

There are a lot of things to do in Rome Italy. If your kids are old enough to appreciate history, architecture and old world charm they will love it.  Rome is a great city known for its preserved Roman Architecture and historic places. Let’s Visit the Eternal City.   Rome,  despite its sophistication is actually a kid-friendly…

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