Cruising with Children – Our Top 6 Tips For Fun On The Sea

Cruising with children can be both fun and exciting … but many parents are afraid that stress and exhaustion will take over, and the trip won’t be a great family vacation for everyone…. what if the kids get bored or bother the other passengers with tantrums…. also, what about the food – can kids find something to eat on a cruise ship?

All of the questions that I just posed above are very legitimate…. BUT will not be a problem on  a family cruise!

Cruising with children - our top 6 tips for choosing a cruise destination to choosing the size of the ship and kids programs on board

Cruising with children - our top 6 tips for choosing a cruise destination to choosing the size of the ship and kids programs on boardCruise Lines have Solutions For Kids

Cruise Lines have  geared towards families with children and offer great solutions to cruising with children!   The cruise babysitting staff  are pros at dealing with fussy babies, moping teens and all in between, week in and week out.  The Children’s staff is so seasoned that nothing a child-sized guest does will surprise them.  And remember, most of the other guests on board  have the same worries and won’t notice your children,  let alone be bothered by them.  So, here are some other considerations about cruising with children…


cruising with children


Think Big

Parents and the cruise staff know that kids get bored easily and need a lot of activities to keep them busy…. so, a smaller ship may not be the best solution for a family cruise adventure.  A large ship with a full-time cruise director and a complete children’s staff will offer a multitude of options!


Teen Scene

Make sure the cruise line you are considering has a great teen program if you are traveling with teens.  I have cruised with teens before on cruise lines with a great program, and the kids had an awesome time…. If there are no organized programs for teens, you will have have a bored teen no matter how many things there are to do on the ship!!!



Check with the cruise line programs before you book. Some lines offer childcare programs during the day and babysitting services at night and some don’t.  If a family vacation with a little adult alone time  is part of your agenda, you need to pick the right ship.


Disney Cruise Lines

It goes without saying that cruising with Disney will be  a hit with smaller children. The Disney cruise staff are experts at keeping your kids happy.  A Disney Cruise is usually more expensive than other cruise lines, but if this is the one big trip that you have planned for the year, it will definitely be worth it!  If you go, be sure to pack your kids Disney princess outfits…



We definitely recommend no more four people in one cabin… if you have a family of five, get two cabins…. You can choose an interior cabin for a much lower price than one with a window, and your family will be much more comfortable!


Destinations and Activities for Cruising with Children

Before you travel, have a family planning session.  This can be a great opportunity to get together as a family and come up with a great plan!  Once a general destination is decided,let each kid be in charge of picking one excursion.  You can also have each kid research an area or activity and present it at the get together.   Come up with some great things for kids to enjoy at your destination….

You know your family the best. Pick activities that appeal to your family…. and don’t worry about the food… there will be something for everyone!

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