Family Cruise Vacations – A Unique Twist On The Family Vacation

Family Cruise Vacations can make the absolute best family vacations …kid friendly, and guess what? You are on the boat, the kids are not going anywhere… you can let them have a little freedom!

Our family has had the opportunity to cruise together several times, and it did not cost an arm and a leg.  We were able to give our children the cruise experience without breaking the bank… and that was the point.

Family Cruise Vacation - a unique type of vacation. You are on the ship, the kids can move about and enjoy their activities

Don’t think that you can afford to take your family on a cruise vacation?


One of the main things that we try to remember, is….

The people who stay in the inside / category 3 cabins eat the same food,  see the same sights, and swim in the same pool as those who stay in the outside / category 9 cabins… they just pay a lot less for the experience.

So, if you plan enough ahead of time, and choose your cabin judiciously, then kid friendly cruises can definitely fit into any family budget!

What does our family love about Family Cruise Vacations ?

1 – Not having to travel to the Ports of call on our own.  You have the ability to visit several different places on a week long vacation.

2 – The absolutely AWESOME meals – and the dining room staff who really take care of you.

3 – The family time spent on at-sea days – there are a multitude of activities offered on the ship from trivia contests to movies to live entertainment.

4 – The night time entertainment – Broadway quality shows after dinner every night!

Family Cruise Vacations are a unique type of vacation. You are on the ship, the kids can move about and enjoy their activitiesSome of the Fun Things Onboard

Towel Animals

Each night in your Cruise stateroom, you are greeted by a cute towel animal crafted by the cabin steward.  The crew aboard the ships are very attentive and always ready to jump up and help the guests in any way possible.  You truly feel spoiled while onboard.

On-board Entertainment

In addition to the great service, and the fantastic pools and waterslide, we would be amiss if we did not mention the fabulous onboard entertainment that awaits you.  The entertainment is top-notch.  You will be treated to live shows featuring singers and dancers, and comedians.  If you are fortunate enough to cruise as a family, be sure to take in the onboard entertainment.

The Dining Room

Now, as I was mentioning the after dinner entertainment, that thought brought to mind the incredible dining room staff and the awesome dinners.  Each night at dinner, you will be handed a menu to select an appetizer and entree.  After dinner, you will be given a different menu from which to select your dessert.  Let me just tell you now, go to dinner hungry, and be sure to try something new.  You will be amazed at the cuisine that you will be offered – from broiled lobster to salmon and shrimp, filet mignon, prime rib, pasta dishes, and the list goes on and on.

Program for Kids

Each ship on each cruise line has a kids program. There are age appropriate activities for the kids during the day and paid services at night. Each program that we have taken part in has been fantastic!

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