Washington DC Children’s Travel Journal

Printable Pages to Make A Journal : Washington DC

Using this Washington DC Children’s Travel Journal,  you will have everything you need to make a travel journal of your trip. Filled with cool pages to print out and put together this will make a travel journal that will be a keepsake as your children grow older.

Washington DC children's travel journalwashington dc children's travel journal

Let your kids commemorate their trip to Washington DC ! 

The Washington DC Children’s travel journal includes pages to describe their trip including:

  • How they traveled to Washington DC
  • Who they traveled with
  • Favorite foods
  • Favorite things to do
  • Things learned
  • Places to save cool things from the trip
  • Daily Journal pages


Ways to use this book:

This Travel Journal can be used to commemorate your visit to Washington DC in a lot of different ways.

When I was growing up, I loved keeping daily notes about all of my vacations. I would make my own journal in scrap books that I purchased at a local store.

The pages in this journal can be:

• Pasted into a scrap book

• Punched with a three hole punch and placed in a notebook

• Simply used as is

Have fun with writing in this journal as you travel to Washington DC! Collect things along the way that will remind you of your trip later. Attach all of these things with the pages of this journal to remind you of your trip.

I used to place fun items like these in a simple envelope and attach in my scrap book:

Receipts, ticket stubs, metro cards, flyers from hotels and attractions I visited or wanted to visit, maps, stamps, money, candy and snack wrappers… just to name a few.

Have fun with the journal and make it your own!

washington dc children's travel journal

The booklet is available as an on-demand download – you purchase and have immediate access to the booklet to print at home.  Print one for each child in your family and have a great trip to Washington DC!


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Washington DC Children's travel journal

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