Empire State Building – Fun Facts and Some Fun History

The Empire State Building is one of the most popular building in the world. It is featureed in many movies and can be visited by tourists daily.

The Empire State Building is one of the most popular landmarks in the whole world.  Thanks to a number of movies filmed in the skyscraper, the Empire State has become one of the places to go to for lovers and families alike. William F. Lamb designed the building. He produced the design drawings in just…

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Patriots Point Charleston – Naval & Maritime Museum

patriots point charleston facebook

Charleston South Carolina Virtual Field Trip Week 4 Free virtual field trip coloring page: Patriots Point Charleston Patriots Point Charleston (Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum) is a collection of four ships and twenty-five aircraft.  The 888-foot aircraft carrier Yorktown is the flagship of the battle group.  Destroyer Laffey, the Coast Guard cutter Ingham and the…

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Eiffel Tower Facts – The Iconic Parisian Tower in Paris France

The eiffel tower in paris france is an iconic tourist attraction that is a must see in paris. Read som history, read about the tour and plan your visit.

Paris France Virtual Field Trip Week 3 Free Paris France Vacation coloring page: The Eiffel Tower coloring page Ask anyone what they first think of when the hear France or Paris, and no doubt, the Eiffel Tower will come to mind.  Here you’ll learn some fun Eiffel Tower facts that will make your visit there even…

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Historic Jamestown – A Living History Museum in Williamsburg Virginia

Historic Jamestown Settlement in Virginia - Wander through history in . See how how life in the US was lived in the 1670s.

If you like to expose your family to history while building on life experiences, then Historic Jamestown should be on your list in Williamsburg Virginia. Here you and your family will explore the early history of the United States at the Jamestown Settlement and Museum. Historic Jamestown is situated at the original site of America’s First…

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