Savannah Georgia Side Trips – Four Fun and Historical Places to Visit

savannah georgia side trips

Savannah Georgia Virtual Field Trip Week 4 Free virtual field trip coloring page: Tybee Island Light Station coloring page Savannah Georgia itself is full of fun and history, but within 30 miles of Savannah lie some other great places to visit as well.  These fun and historical Savannah Georgia side trips are some of our family’s…

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Things To Do In Savannah With Kids – Five Fun Activities

things to do in savannah with kids

Savannah Georgia Virtual Field Trip Week 2 Free virtual field trip coloring page:  Columbia Square Fountain coloring page Savannah Georgia is a beautiful southern city with charm and history abounding!  But no matter how much charm and history you find, you will also find many things to do in Savannah with kids! There are fun…

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Savannah Historic District – Seven Things Not To Miss In This Historic City

savannah historic district

Savannah Georgia Virtual Field Trip Week 1 Free virtual field trip coloring page:  Cathedral of St. John the Baptist coloring page The Savannah Historic District is full of history and fun things to do! Located south of the river, the Historic District of Savannah is home to old mansions, homes, live oak trees, fountains, monuments,…

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NYC Subway – Some History and Fun Facts

The NYC Subway is one of the easiest ways to get around New York City and one of the most cost effective ways of getting from place to place.

The NYC Subway deserves a place on this site simply because it was surprisingly easy to take the children on the subway, and get to where we needed to go on our family vacations destinations. We used this system of travel with the same zeal that we used the Washington DC Metro. Both systems are…

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Pier 39 San Francisco – Fun and History on the San Francisco Bay

Pier 39 San Francisco is an assortment of shops and restaurants set against the San Francisco Bay. There a many fun things to do there.

San Francisco Virtual Field Trip Week 3 Free San Francisco attractions virtual field trip coloring page: Lombard Street Coloring Page At Pier 39 San Francisco, you will find shops, an arcade, ferry boat booths, bike rental stations, restaurants, diving pools, 3D rides, street performances, sea animals, and many more. Best of all, you can enjoy…

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Ghost Tours Savannah – History in the Most Haunted City in America

Ghost Tours Savannah Georgia are a fun and interesting way to learn more about the history of this "most haunted city in America"

Savannah Georgia Virtual Field Trip Week 3 Free virtual field trip coloring page: Congregation Mickve Israel coloring page Ghost Tours Savannah are offered by several tour companies.  Some of the tours are walking tours, some are trolley tours.  there are tours that incorporate visits to local pubs, there are tours that include dinner, there are…

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